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About meMy new challange

Hi, I’m Paola, few months ago I created Officina Scripta Manent, my personal blog, where I write about my ideas, opinions and experiences which might be helpful to others.

Through the years I worked in many different industries like education, tourism, advertising, maritime. Lately I’ve been reinventing myself jumping into a new job career which requieres also a massive use of the web.

It’s not always easy to start up again especially when you aren’t young any more. So I want to be side by side of people like me searching for new motivation and new ideas to feel more confident in facing nowdays challanges.

Sometimes we can find inspiration just from looking at our own experiences from a different point of view.

Every week I post few words about important things and moments happening in my life which, I believe, help my personal and professional growth.

Words are magical and powerful. They can do more than anyone can immagine.

Follow me in this journey, I hope you will find it useful.

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