Career change: my journey on the web!

Are you searching for ideas for a career change? Go on the web. For me it’s becoming a great source for improving my knowledge and deal with change.

Career changeAfter years in the maritime industry, I felt stuck so, I thought to change life and take action.

I prepared my career change strategy: a list with my knowledge, skills and hobbies, to write a  new outstanding resume. And questions like: It’s time for a career change? In which direction do I move? My skills match with the needs of the market?

Till then I’d been using the web for working, for booking flights or hotels and to be in contact with friends.

Career changeMy career change starts with my journey on the web!

Through my research on internet, for tips and advice about career change, I’ve found loads of information and helpful insights from the experiences of people who had already changed their job.

What has intrigued me from the beginning, has been the new way to do communication and marketing. In the past I’ve worked many years in this industry, but it’s completely changed.
I’ve realized how important is, speaking the language of the web.
Whatever you want to do, you have more chance of success, if you are on the web and in social networks.

So, why not working on the web  or using the rules of web?

I’ve taken helpful insights about Adwords and Analytics, from Google Learning Center. And lately I’ve also joined IWA, an international association of webmaster.

Thanks to courses and books like McGovern’s ones, I’m improving my web skills of writing and marketing, integrating offline and online techniques. That means new skills transferable in any industry.

Step-by-step I’m realizing my career change.

I stepped out my comfort zone and I’m back in the work market!
It’s great, isn’t it?