Career change: my journey on the web!

Are you searching for ideas for a career change? Go on the web. For me it’s becoming a great source for improving my knowledge and deal with change.

Career changeAfter years in the maritime industry, I felt stuck so, I thought to change life and take action.

I prepared my career change strategy: a list with my knowledge, skills and hobbies, to write a  new outstanding resume. And questions like: It’s time for a career change? In which direction do I move? My skills match with the needs of the market?

Till then I’d been using the web for working, for booking flights or hotels and to be in contact with friends.

Career changeMy career change starts with my journey on the web!

Through my research on internet, for tips and advice about career change, I’ve found loads of information and helpful insights from the experiences of people who had already changed their job.

What has intrigued me from the beginning, has been the new way to do communication and marketing. In the past I’ve worked many years in this industry, but it’s completely changed.
I’ve realized how important is, speaking the language of the web.
Whatever you want to do, you have more chance of success, if you are on the web and in social networks.

So, why not working on the web  or using the rules of web?

I’ve taken helpful insights about Adwords and Analytics, from Google Learning Center. And lately I’ve also joined IWA, an international association of webmaster.

Thanks to courses and books like McGovern’s ones, I’m improving my web skills of writing and marketing, integrating offline and online techniques. That means new skills transferable in any industry.

Step-by-step I’m realizing my career change.

I stepped out my comfort zone and I’m back in the work market!
It’s great, isn’t it?

Comfort Zone and Elections in Italy: no way to get out of it?

Italy Eelection 2013 and Comfort Zone

Be in the Comfort Zone for a Country is important. But this concept is often confused by many politicians with their own comfort zone, forgetting why they are in charge.

Italy is accustomed to political instability, but now people are tired and want to go on with new motivation. If it’s important for a person get out of the comfort zone to catch new opportunities, this doesn’t apply to the life of a Country.

Speaking with people like you and me, it’s clear that it’s time for a radical change with the way to govern the Country and, in general, how to make politics.
But did you see the last election campaign? Till now nobody is bringing new ideas and solutions for leading the Country out of the crisis.

Italian politicians are so clinging to their positions, frightened by the idea of leaving their comfort zone which means: money, privileges and benefits.
Italy is stuck!

Anyway we must be positive and see this crisis as a great opportunity to change the political establishment. Figure out the priorities of the Country is the first step to take action towards developing.

Italy needs a stable Government of honest and reliable people with ethic and moral values. A Government of people able to stabilize the economy, reduce public expenditures and to act against tax evasion.

The Country has to find its comfort zone, while politicians should get out of their own. I think the change starts when these two concepts will no longer be confused.

The Italian Constitution says that the “people are sovereign”: as citizens our voice is the vote: let’s make a good use of it!

If tomorrow were the election day, do you think there would be someone that can do the difference?

Get out of your Comfort Zone!

Past Pesent FutureYour Comfort Zone is the nest that you would never want to leave. But everyday we have to deal with change and we have to be positive and ready to it.

Who follows the “positive thinking” knows very well what the comfort zone is, but for me it has been a revelation.

Few years ago, thanks to some Osho readings’ and the books of his follower Krishnanada, I’ve started a path of personal growth. It wasn’t the first time I was on a journey into myself, but it was the first time I was going deeper.

These helpful readings came right in the moment I desired to change my life, my work and my way to relate to others. I was working on that, when I stumbled in “Who moved my cheese?” a fantastic novel of Spencer Jonhnson about how to leave the comfort zone, deal with change and catch new opportunities.

Wow! It was clear, I was on the right way.

Comfort ZoneThe best is out of our Comfort Zone

When you decide to start again, your mind is overwhelmed of questions and doubts. In that moment forget the rush, take time for youself, breath deeply and start listening to yourself.

Are you ready? Take a pen and paper, and write down your priority list using questions like these:

What I really want?                                                                                                         What I’m able to do?                                                                                                    What are my skills?                                                                                                      Where do I have to leave flowing my energy?                                                                Where and how can I propose myself and my skills?

Be patient with yourself: you are preparing your strategy for leaving one of your comfort zones.

Begin by changing your way of thinking, you’ll discover something really valuable and powerful: YOUrself!

Stay tuned for new tips 🙂                                                                                                    I enjoy to know what do you think!